How many VST effects can I have Audacity 2.0.3 "Effects" men


I use Audacity 2.0.3 on Windows 7 (Home Edition) and I am suddenly observing that after I apply a 3 or 4 effects I am unable to add any more effects.
I can add more effects to my recording only after I save and exit Audacity and restart Audacity and apply effects (again I can only add 3 - 4 effects only then save … exit… restart).
I was able to apply several effects and never had to limit on how many effects I can apply.

I am interested in understanding if there is a limit to how many VST can I have in Audacity.

I am also interested in understanding if Audacity loads all the VST effects into memory first upon starting Audacity? Is this causing the issue I am observing?

I do have a lot of VST effects that I like to experiment with on different recordings.

As always do appreciate any feedback.

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It does sound like a starving computer. Audacity has to also manage UNDO. UNDO gets wiped clean every time you restart. If you apply multiple effects to a large show, you could easily run out of memory or hard drive space — or both.


2.0.5 is the latest Audacity version.

Thanks Koz.

I guess it may be what you stated.

I am going to install the latest version as well (thanks for the link).

I will try removing VSTs and try with a different mix of VSts to see if a lower number of VSts help overcome the issue.

Thanks for taking time to read my question and response.

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Yes the VST plug-ins are loaded into memory. But generally this should use less RAM than the actual size of the DLL’s.

What actually happens after applying three or four effects then applying another effect? Is it an “exception error”? That means you are out of memory or some memory is being accessed that should not be accessed.

How long are the tracks? Open Edit > Preferences: Directories. How much free space is there in the Audacity temporary folder? An hour’s stereo track uses up 1.2 GB of disk space by default. If you apply any effect to the whole track, another 1.2 GB is used, making a total of 2.4 GB and so on. If Audacity just locks up or takes a long time to run the effect, you may be out of disk space.

Not all that much extra memory will be used by editing long tracks, unless a particular effect puts the data into memory to run the effect. Nyquist effects may do that, which is a current limitation of the plug-in format.