How long a clip needed for eval of acceptability of our audiobook effort?

We need a reality check of whether our efforts may be acceptable to ACX.

Audible (ACX) wrote
“This survey only accepts mp3s no longer than 10 minutes, at a 320kbps maximum bit rate”.

I wondered if they were going to start doing that again. They had a sample review process for centuries and then stopped during the pandemic. We could fill in on the forum, but you had to submit a perfect book to ACX right out of the gate to publish.

Of course, if you didn’t submit to anybody, you had the possibility of months of work for nought.

You can still post a sample here on the forum.

In our case, it’s an opinion, but we do pretty well with analysis. We can save you two weeks of waiting.


A note. There are two versions of sample submission. Traditionally, ACX wanted fully mastered with all the corrections already in place. The one for the forum would just as soon have a completely raw reading with no corrections.

If they find something wrong, you may have to unscramble all your effects and start over.

I master your raw submission, tell you how I did it, and tell you what went wrong if I can’t.

Home recording is not for the easily frightened.


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