How I can upload an attachment ?

First post.
Under my account, in Attachments menu, there are: “This is a list of attachments you have made in posts to this board. - You have posted no files.”

How I can upload an attachment?

Start a new post and upload a file in a supported format up to 1 MB in size by clicking the “Upload attachment” tab underneath the “Preview/Post Message” buttons.


What are the allowed file types? Do they all expand inline (except audio files)?

  • DickN

What do you want to upload?
Pictures can be uploaded in .jpg, .png and (probably) .gif (I’ve not tried uploading .gif)
Text may be uploaded as .txt
Audio may be uploaded as wav, mp3, flac and ogg.
Nyquist scripts may be uploaded as .ny
There may be some other formats also.

I was trying to upload a spreadsheet (.ods) for a better reply to Koz in my topic "Correct Azimuth when capturing Monaural Cassette Recordings. I could save it as a .xls, but I can’t verify it will work properly with Excel since I don’t have MS Office, and I suspect I’m not alone here. Also, I’ve seen some waveform plots etc. posted and wondered how those were done. What are the Quote, Code, List, List=, [*] and Img buttons for at the top of this edit box? Is there a tutorial page for the board features?

The best thing would be to check with Koz what format would suit him (he may not have MS Office either as he uses mostly Macs).

Files can always be uploaded elsewhere on the internet (such as and then you can include a link to the file.

I’ve added .ods and .xls to allowable document formats (but there is a limit of 1 MB per attachments of any format).

Images allowed are gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tga, tif, tiff.


Thanks, Gale!

  • DickN

any video format allowed?

You’re not going to get much video in the 1 (or is it 2) MB limit.
Best thing for video is to upload it somewhere (such as YouTube) and post a link.

You might be wrong at that… hehe

I just recorded a video of audacity cursor moving, using theora codec. Only a few seconds, good quality, for about half MB :slight_smile:
(posted here:

Nonetheless I agree that it’s probably not worthy adding any video extensions to the allowed file types here… I was just wondering if there was any already active in the default file types or so…

I’ve just seen that. Such a cool little app :slight_smile: recordmydesktop

The global attachment limit is 1 MB. Could be 2 MB, but may mean we have to increase the disk quota allowed for attachments sooner rather than later.

No video formats were allowed, but I’ve now enabled .ogv.

Other possible video formats (not enabled) are


  • swf
  • 3gp
  • mov

Might be worth allowing the asterisked ones (possible formats for short screen videos)?


I see one important video extension missing: .avi :slight_smile:

As for the allowed extensions… I’m happy with .ogv :smiley: People making videos in that format probably know what they are doing and should not abuse on the disk space (also probably there won’t be many ppl producing those videos anyway hehe)

Mac ppl will most likely produce videos in .mov

Not sure about windows users… maybe .wmv?

I’m not sure that adding video formats is such a good idea as

  • video attachments are rarely needed
  • I don’t particularly want to see an influx of video spam
  • some video formats (such as wmv and mov) are capable of containing web links and viruses
  • the file extensions relate to the container format and not the codecs, so uploaded videos may or may not be viewable on other computers.

Anyone that is able to create an .ogv file is very likely to be able to put it on the internet and post a link (as has been done in the past), otherwise users can upload to YouTube (which solves problems with codecs and viruses).

When I asked about movie file extensions I was not requesting to enable them… I was just wondering if any was already active…

I tend to agree with Steve, video file extensions can probably be left out with no prejudice… The .ogv extension shouldn’t cause any stress, so I see no harm in leaving it on the allowed extensions.


I think if users were able to make a screen capture of a set of steps to reproduce a problem it “could” be quite helpful, and easier than YouTube if you don’t already have/want an account.

I think .swf could be a more accessible format than .ogv but .swf has in the past allowed viruses so I’m just going to leave .ogv enabled I think. I don’t think anything dangerous could execute on the server with the extensions we allow even if renamed to an allowed extension. The server should have a virus scanner on it AFAIK, but I’ll ask Buanzo.