How does one reposition the cursor w/o changing anything?

I have a rough trim of my audio. I want to stop the cursor and have it remain where it is in order to see if this will be my new start point. Or, I want to place the cursor where I believe my start point will be and play from there. I do not want it to change anything that I already have done. Thanks in advance.

You can simulate that with Labels and Select.

Put a label at the new potential start point.

Labels are sticky and a drag-select will try to stick to it. Play will follow the selection, repeatedly if needed.

You can delete, move and manage labels.


The shortcut Shift+A will stop playback (or recording) and place the cursor at that point (a bit like how tape decks work)

Personally I find the compound gesture awkward so I changed the shortcut to KEYPAD_INS (I just have to remember to ensure tha Numlock is off).