I had 1.3.13, so I went ahead and downloaded 2.0.3. While playing a record, I see modulation on left and right sides, but nothing is recorded to my computer.
I have Windows XP, and Encore turntable.
Will someone PLEASE tell me in simple 1,2,3 steps how to set it up? Or, better yet, call me at xxx-xxx-xxx and walk me through it.
Thank you VERY much.

Joe Adams
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I removed your phone number. We are a SPAM magnet and posting any personal contact information is a bad idea.

When you play a record and press Record does your Audacity look more or less like this?

I make my sound meters bigger by clicking on the right-edge and pulling to the right. Highly recommended.


Yesterdat U oisted asjubg fir geko in setting up my 2.0.3. If you can help by sending me 1,2,3 instructions, my Email address is xxxxxxx@xxx.COM
I left off my email yesterday. Please, someone help me!!!
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Yes, it looks like your sample. Nothing is saved to my computer, so I’m unable to record to a CD, nor can I monitor them thru my computer speakers. When I click playback, I also get a modulation indication but no sound is coming out of the speakers.

I removed your email address. Audacity Forum is a spam magnet and your email would get destroyed. Nobody will email you back. We try to keep discussions on the forum where many people can benefit. There aren’t that many of us. This isn’t a corporation.

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If you see tall blue waves as in Koz’s picture then what is the problem - that you cannot hear what you recorded? If so set the Output Device in Audacity Device Toolbar:

to the sound device you want to listen to - probably speakers or headphones for your inbuilt sound device.

Alternatively, disconnect the USB turntable from the computer then the default computer playback device will switch back to your built-in audio.

Try reading these links if you are still stuck: .