How do you record from Audacity to a CD?

I am trying to record audio from Audacity to CD so that I have multiple tracks so you can jump from one track to another track. I can export a wav. file and then record to CD no problem, but cannot figure out how to create track marks. I read the wiki post, but it doesn’t work - I may be doing something wrong.

Does anyone know how to do this?

All you need to do is to place a label at each track break - use the Ctrl-B shortcut - and don’t forget to place a label right at the beginning for the first track.

Then use Audacity’s Export Multiple command (available from the File drop-down) to export a multiple set of WAVs.

Then use some CD burner software to burn the WAVs to a music CD (not a data CD)

The Audacity Wiki, Documentation and Turorials have much useful information on how to do this - a recommended read -


Audacity doesn’t burn anything. It just creates the sound files. If you can’t get the Multiple Export and label tags thing to work, you can also do it by selecting one song on the timeline and File > Export Selection As… That will give you one file. Repeat for each song.