How do you get this effect?


First of all I hope I’m posting this in the correct forum.

I am very intrigued to know how you can add special effects to your voice like they have done on the whole room water cooling project. If you listen to this video:

from 1.00 minutes when they say “this is a whole room water cooling project by linus tech tips” I want to know how you can get that kind of sound effect to voices in audacity.

I hope the above makes sense?

Thanks in advance.

Mostly Echo effect + Reverb.
Probably the best way to achieve this type of effect is to use multiple tracks.
Use Ctrl+D to duplicate a track.
Use Amplify to reduce the level (mixing multiple tracks adds the sounds together, making it louder and possibly clipped)
Leave the first track “dry” (no effect).
Apply effects to duplicate copies of the Dry track.
You will probably want to use the Equalization effect so that the echoes are not too “bright” (reduce the high frequencies).
Use the track gain sliders ( to achieve the right mix of the tracks.