How do you export at lower sample rate?

I’m trying to export a FLAC sampled at 96000 to FLAC 44100. It’s too big and I don’t need that high of a rate. I tried changing the sample rate in the Track Control Panel but then it sounded like it was playing in slow motion. Is there a way to do this? Thanks. (Version 2.1.1)

The sample rate of exported files is set by the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window). Change the project rate to 44100 Hz before you export.

Ahh, that did the trick. Many, many thanks.

One other question on the same subject. I have the default sample rate set to 44100 in Preferences, but when I import a file the Project Rate changes to that of the file. Is there any way to make it stay on 44100? I rarely use anything else.

When you import a file into an empty project, The sample rate of the imported file takes precedence over the sample rate specified in Preferences.
Personally I’m not sure that is the best/correct behaviour, but it’s been like that forever and I would expect resistance to any attempt to change this long-standing behaviour. The short answer is, no, if you import a file into a new project that has a different sample rate to what you require, then you must manually change the Project Rate.

If you think that the setting in Preferences should take precedence, feel free to request that, and put forward your argument as to why, on the “Adding Features” board

Appreciate the explanation. I don’t do a high enough volume for it to be major issue. I’ll just change it manually. Many thanks. :slight_smile: