How do you do a ripple-delete/-insert? [SOLVED]

I’ve used Align Tracks End To End to build a theatre pre-show music fill.

Now I have to replace a 55 second clip in the middle with a 1:20 clip.

Since each song is in a different track, it doesn’t appear that Remove Special will help me there; is there some other way to do this? Sync-Lock Tracks handles the delete case, but…

Oh. Nevermind (I’ll finish this, though, for search purposes later):

You Turn on SyncLock, cut the old clip, turn off SyncLock, cut the new clip, reposition the cursor between the now adjacent tracks, turn SyncLock on one more time, and then paste the new clip back in (possibly to the same track).

Thanks for posting the solution (useful for search purposes as you say).
I’ll mark this topic “solved”.

… and you make sure the two clips aren’t overlapping in time so you don’t accidentally cut the middle out of the new one. :slight_smile: