How do you create those fast forward stopping points?

Hi All,

I’m totally new to audio recording and need help with something. I’m creating an information product and am recording 6 cd’s worth of content onto MP3 format. So far, so good. The one thing I can’t figure out is:

I want to make it possible for people to fast forward to different points along each cd. Let’s say, there is an hour of recording and someone only got to listen to 30 minutes. They put they cd back in the player the next day and want to skip ahead to the nearest point 30 minutes in.

  1. What are those “pause points” called for fast-forwarding purposes and
  2. how do I create them in my audio track?

(I have purchased audio recordings of 90 minute tele-classes where I can’t fast-forward at all. If I listen to 60 minutes and have to stop, I’m stuck with no choice but to start from the beginning again next time I want to listen. Just one long continuous track. Definitely want to avoid this.)


These so-called “pause points” are just the beginning of each track on the CD. The CD standard (Redbook Audio) is split up into Tracks that can easily accessed by using the Fast Forward (>>) and Fast Rewind (<<) buttons.

If they’re MP3s or if they’re going to be burned to a CD again, I recommend just making a new file for each track. Simply load the whole file into Audacity, and place a label ([ctrl]+b) at the beginning of each track (don’t forget to put one right at the beginning). Now, name each label with the filename you want and use the Export Multiple function to export a bunch of different files that, when played back to back, will make up all of the audio from the original file.

Now you can burn those files to disc, or keep them on an MP3 player. As long as they’re played in the right order and you place the labels during pauses in the sound, you shouldn’t notice the difference between several smaller files and one long file. Mp3s will add a tiny amount of silence to the end of each track, but it’s not noticeable during most speech.