How do you apply noise removal to the whole track /.

I am trying to remove the sound of a fan in the background of a 20 minute audio file…
I isolate about four seconds of the sound and then I go to effects and I click on to noise remove.
I press get noise profile and then I press okay .
When I replay the four seconds the noise is gone.
When I replay the complete file the fan is in the back ground and then goes quite during the 4 seconds that I used as the sample.
I have only removed the noise from the four second sample section of the audio file.

Can some one please tell me how to remove the noise from the complete audio file.I have looked up the tutorial but obviously I am missing something
What are the complete steps to get the sample fan sound off the complete audio file.?


What you should do there is drag-select the four seconds of “noise only” in the waves.

That should not happen until you reopen Noise Removal and press OK, or until you choose Effect > Repeat Noise Removal (which then applies Noise Removal at its current settings).

After capturing the Noise Profile from the four seconds selection in the waves, click above Mute/Solo in the track, which will select the entire waveform. Now you can open Noise Removal, change the settings if wanted, then OK will attempt to remove the noise from the whole track.


Hello again.

Could you please explain what you mean by “click above mute solo in the track” ?
Where is this region on the page that you click. ?
None of the icons appear to display this function when the cursor is put on them.


It is in the Track Control Panel to left of the blue waves:

I expect you have not made separate clips in the track, so in that case you can also double-click (click twice in quick succession) in the blue waves to select all the track.