How do I work on only one channel at a stereo file

Yes, I know it’s stupid, but I cannot find it in the manual

Split the stereo file into two separate tracks.
The tracks may be joined together again after, if that is what you want.

My programme is in Danish, and I cannot find anything called “split”, but can you tell which number it is from the top of the track drop down menu, thanks

Now I installed in English, but I still cannot find “Split channels”

This is what my screen looks like

Look at the link that I posted - there is a picture.

I have look at it - but look at my picture
Can you see any “Split channels” on the picture, I uloaded?

This page:

You need the “track drop down menu”, not the “Tracks” menu:

I DON’T KNOW, where the Track Drop-Down Menu is

Found it,thanks