How do I vary the volumne on one track

I interviewed someone via amic. Their voice is clear and loud but mine (asking the questions) is tto soft. Am I able to edit the track and increase my volume only? Thanks Marnie

Either maunally using amplify or the envelope tool,
or automatically using dynamic range compression.

Thanks Trebor, I have found the envelope tool and placed the white dots where I need greater volume but must be doing something wrong. Will get out the tutorial and see what I can learn (never been good at reading manuals - much more hands on), Marnie

The envelope tool is great for reducing volume but limited when raising volume. To be able to use it to raise volume you need to right-click on the vertical scale at the left end of the track, so the scale reads from -2 to +2. You can then use the envelope tool to raise the volume of the quiet parts, but only by 6 dB which may not be enough.

It is easier to lower the volume of the loud parts. Once you have done this and have it sounding right, select the track and do Tracks > Mix and Render - this will “render” your track with it’s volume changes into a new track. Select that new track and do Effect > Amplify and you’ll have everything at maximum volume.

– Bill

It’s one of those operations where a video is better able to show how it’s done …

Youtube video of Audacity envelope tool being used.png