How do I use NYQUIST NOISE GATE (Yes I have seen wiki)

The wiki has a small tutorial on using this noise gate… but I can not follow even these simple instructions…

    1. Make a selection that is “noise only” and open the Noise Gate effect.
  1. Select Function > Analyse Noise Level and make a note of the suggested threshold level.

  2. Select a section of the audio track that includes both sound and silence.

  3. Apply the Noise Gate with the following settings: Select Function > Gate Level reduction > -100. Listen carefully to the result to check that the noise is being cut and the audio is still present. This effect will probably sound unnatural as the gate is fully closing and producing absolute silence when closed, but it will allow you to easily hear if the threshold level is set correctly. Click CTRL + Z to undo and if necessary adjust the threshold level and retest.

5 )When you are happy that the threshold level is correct, raise the “Level reduction” setting to the highest setting that produces an acceptable amount of gating (the default level of -12 dB usually works well).

  1. When you are happy with the settings, apply to the entire song.

What dose it mean by “Select Function > Analyse Noise Level” ?

It means go to the entry box that’s labelled Select Function: and use the drop-down to select Analyse Noise level


The “>” symbol is commonly used in the documentation, and here on the forum, to mean “and then…”
So, for example, “File > Import” would mean, Click on the “File” menu, then click on the “Import” command in the File menu.

As waxcylinder wrote,
“Select Function > Analyse Noise Level” means that you should click on the “Select Function” control (in the Noise Gate interface) and then select “Analyse Noise Level” from the drop down menu.

oh i see… i was looking at the analyse menu trying to find it… i didn’t even see the drop down really in the dialogue itself for noise gate.

Thank… (I feel kinda silly now)