How do I use Macros to mass-normalize my Unity SFX?

Hi! First time using Audacity’s Macros, I’ve been trying to normalize my SFX to -9.0db on average since that’s what the Unity forum guys have been saying.
My issue is, i’m not quite sure how to actually get these files set up efficiently?

What I’ve been trying to do is pressing manage macros, selecting Apply Macro to Files, then shift-selecting all the relevant SFX files.

The macro is really simple, being the Normalize followed by an ‘ExportAsMP3’. But this doesn’t overwrite the original files, which is what I actually want to do, since git covers the files and if anything goes wrong I can just revert the files. (Small note, but the default mp3 conversion macro has ‘ExportMp3’ instead of Export as Mp3 for whatever reason).
Right now, it doesn’t seem to do anything - it flashes through all of the filenames really quickly, but when I check the folder later, none of the files have been updated, nor are there additional files.

What should I do to fix this? I want to overwrite the files so that it’s more convenient for my work in Unity, but as long as I’m able to mass-normalize files I’d be happy with the solution.

When you run Macros, Audacity creates a folder called maro-output in the default location,

This varies by operating system - see:

You can change that location in Directories Preferences, see:

Once you have found your macro-output folder you should be able to overwrite your original files by simply copying over them.


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