How do I use Audacity for recording Podcasts?


I downloaded Audicity specifically for hopes that I would be able to use it to record podcasts. The podcasts would consist of 4-6 people from different parts of the world. Is Audacity capable of recording us whilst conversing simultaneously via PC mics? If so, how would I do such a thing?


Hylian1- Founder/Webmaster of

Would you be doing this via a Skype or Gizmo call? If so, you’ll probably have much better luck recording the call with another program (most podcasters seem to use Pamela, just Google “Skype Pamela” or go to for the program. Beware, it costs for the full-blown version, but it’s only $25 US. I have not used it myself but a couple of podcasting friends suggested it.
Once you’ve recorded the call, then Audacity is definitely the program to edit it together with. You will eventually want to get a mixer in case two of you are in the same room and want to use separate microphones. I hope to launch my own podcast soon and intend to use Audacity as well.