How do I uninstall Audacity completely?

I’d like to remove all aspects of this software. I have “uninstalled” but it is still showing up when I open mp3’s?..Can you please give me any additional instructions?

That can only be because you chose to add an Audacity association with MP3.

Assuming you are still on Windows 7 (it would have helped to say that), then to remove the association you can download the attached file, change the extension from “txt” to “reg”, then run the file as administrator.

If you want to remove all trace of Audacity then you should also navigate to UsersAppDataRoamingAudacity and delete “audacity.cfg”. There is no harm to your computer if you leave audacity.cfg where it is. To find audacity.cfg you may need to show hidden files and folders.

Is this because you cannot solve Equalization settings seem to change?

AudacityAssociationRemover.txt (268 Bytes)

yes it was just to frustrating Gale. Everytime I saved a song, went to work on a new one, saved it, and returned back to the first song, it would show the eq setting of the second song which screwed up the first song
It would be nice to go back into a prior song and see the eq setting I had saved. I tried everything but to no avail.

Have a look at (if you want to).


Windows 10
Audacity 3.1.2

Are you aware that you are replying to a topic that is 7 years old?