How do I undo `Fade out` on a saved project

Hi, I am currently using Version 1.3 on Windowa 10 but am not having any issues.

My question is how to undo Fade Out on a project.
I have recorded 5 tracks and thought the fade out would only apply to the end of the last track - it is fading out on all the tracks - is it possible to undo as I had already saved the change?

If you haven’t exited Audacity yet, it’s Edit > UNDO. If you have, it’s too late.

Even if you saved an Audacity Project, you’re stuck. Projects save a lot of things, but UNDO isn’t one of them.

I can’t picture in my imagination what you did. I guess if you accidentally had all of your tracks top to bottom selected and selected the fade, then yes, that would apply to all of them. But if you selected only one (click just above MUTE), the fade should have happened to only that one.


We don’t support 1.3 any longer. You need to upgrade to be eligible for technical support :wink:

You can get 2.1.2 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows. If that shows you “Internal PortAudio error” then it’s just one extra upgrade of Audacity to fix that.


It depends on how much you know about the applied fade-out.

  • start and end time
  • was it used once (linear) or more times (slightly curved)

The idea is to multiply fade out by the reciprocal of the original fade out.

For instance a very simple fade out could have been:
audio * [1 0.5 0]
the inverse would be to multiply the result with [1 2 infinity]

Of course, sample values are finite and the last value has to be clipped at a high value.

A newer version of Audacity has “Adjustable Fade” where you could enter 100 % as initial or left amplification and the maximum 1000 % as the amplification for the right side.

Due to the limit of the latter, you must apply the effect multiple times (ctrl-r).
I’m talking about 50 times or so…