How do I substitute part of Take 1 with part of Take 2?

I often edit karaoke stuff and here is the common task - I need an easy way of replacing a segment of voice with the corresponding segment from different track without messing up the timing.
The way I do it: I highlight a good piece of voice recording, copy it and take a note on the paper about the sample number of the beginning of the sample and it end (or the length). Then I go to the bad voice track and set the same parameters of the selection (by manually entering all these numbers) and paste the sample.
Mu question is if there is a better way of doing it (without getting paper involved) :slight_smile:
Any help will be appreciated.


Oh, i forgot… I am using Version on OS X 10.6.4


Set up two tracks in one Audacity project. The upper track is the one where you want to replace the bad bit, the lower track is the one with the good bit you want to use for replacement.

Using the Move tool, slide the tracks until the segments line up, the bad one above the good one.

Make the selection in the bad track, adjusting the boundaries until it’s just right. Mute the lower track if you need to listen to the selection to fine tune it.

While holding the shift key, press the down-arrow key - this will extend the selection in the lower tack.

Choose Edit > Split or press command-I - this will split both tracks at the selection boundaries.

Double-click in the newly-created clip in the lower track and choose Edit > Copy.

Double-click in the newly-created clip in the upper track and choose Edit > Paste.

– Bill