How do I stream audio at specific times, like a radio show?

Hello Everyone! I am new to this board. I have been seeking a resource for getting my question answered and I hope I have come to the right place. My apologies if the question is inappropriate for this forum.

Does anybody know how to put a recording online such that it streams at a specific time?

An example would be They have shows that come on at specific times (you can “listen now”). Sometimes the show is a live broadcast and you can call-in, and other times the show is a rebroadcast…but it is rebroadcast at a specific time.

They also have archives where you can listen or download the MP3 file at anytime…but the “listen now” feature is shows being broadcast at specific times.

I want to know how to broadcast recordings at a SPECIFIC TIME that people would have to “tune into” at that specific time to hear.

I am particularly interested in something I can automate.

Please note, I am NOT asking about services such as Live365 or Shoutcast. I am looking to learn the actual technology to make it happen.

Thanks for anything you can share (tips, resources, websites) to point me in the right direction.

Version 1.3 of Audacity has a Timer Record facilty - available from the Tracks dropdown.


Thank you, waxcylinder! Unfortunately, it appears I left out an important note in my question on what I am seeking.

The material is already recorded. I am looking for a way to broadcast the pre-recorded materials at a specific time.

Thanks for anything you can share!

You want a streaming server like the ones that drive Live365 and shoutcast. One good example of this would be icecast, although there are lots of others. You probably need some supporting scripts to provide scheduling of the content you want to play.

To do this you will need access to install applications on your web server, so it’s quite a lot more complex to set up than a simple file download.

Yes, thanks - I did see Icecast. It’s the supporting software to schedule the broadcast that I am seeking. I have tried doing a search on Google but apparently I am not using the right keywords to find it.

Any ideas (software resources, websites, keywords, gurus, etc.)

Thanks, each post is getting me closer and closer to the answer!