How do I split a voice recording (mp3) so I can email it?


I finally recorded an mp3 file of a short work of creative nonfiction I wrote in response to a request from a literary magazine, which wants to post the mp3 file on their website as a podcast. The problem is I am not very technically savvy, and the file is over 25mg, and cannot be attached to an email. I have searched every section of the Audacity manuals and wikis, and cannot find out how to split an existing mp3 voice recording. Can anyone help me? The lit mag has been waiting a long time for this piece, so the sooner you can help me, the better.

Thank you!


I cannot be sure what version of Audacity I am using. When I click on “properties” the description reads: Audacity, the Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor. I downloaded it about two weeks ago. I am using the program on Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron laptop PC.

As per the the pink notice at the top of the page, you can find the three-section version number at Help > About Audacity in the Audacity program.


If you have not done so yet, install LAME using these instructions: . This gives you the means to export an MP3 from Audacity.

What is the maximum file size allowed on their web site? If for example it is 5 MB, click in the recorded track about one-fifth of the way along, hold CTRL on your keyboard then press B and release the keys to add a label where you clicked.

Click and create three more labels in the same way, so you then have five sections of audio.

Then use File > Export Multiple to export the five MP3 files.

If the maximum file size is 1 MB, that means 25 labels so I would use Analyze > Regular Interval labels to create the 25 labels automatically.

If they want the complete file not split up, then export the entire track as MP3 then upload the MP3 to . Then give the magazine the web address of the download.


Thanks, Gale, this is very helpful information. I am using Audacity 2.0.4. I am fairly sure the literary magazine wants the whole recording uninterrupted, so I’m going to upload it to the website you listed and see if that will work before instead of trying to split it up first. Thanks so much!