...How do I split 1 track to separate songs


I apologize for asking such a basic question - maybe my problem is that I am confused by the terminology.
I copied an old cassette tape and successfully exported it to an MP3 file.
I want divide the 45 minute tape in individual MP3s
I keep reading the help and I know it must be there but I think that I’m simply confused by the terminology.
Can someone please point the way?

Many thanks

See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks.html


I had the same problem except I had records to convert to mp3 or cd’s. Well after I watched youtube videos and read some. I came to this forum and then I posted the same trouble you had and got the answers. It did help watching the videos and also the helps on this web site. Well I finally I believe I am able to do this. I started recording and after the first song finished. I click stop, then I started recording again after I finished all my recording. there is a line you can see after I hit the zoom in and zoom out on the upper right side the + and - symbols. Then I click on tracks there is a menu popup you can look for the add new label there you can start labeling of the new song. Then you can do the same thing all over again except this time after you highlight the song you just start typing. after you do all of this. Go to file and then you look for export then you look for export multiple. I hope this helps