How do I slow down the cursor when zoomed in?

Wonderful program! I’m on an iMac running 10.6.8 and using Audacity 2.0.2 (should I update to 2.0.3?). I’m recording from old vinyls (Technics SL-30 Direct Drive Turntable hooked up to an Onkyo Amplifier) with a cable from my amp to the sound input jack on the back of my computer. Two questions.

  1. If I play the record and AM NOT recording it with Audacity I CAN NOT hear the music. If I hit the record button, I then hear it. What gives?

  2. When I zoom in to identify and isolate the scratches and other noise on some of my recordings (from vinyl records w/ non-usb turntable) the vertical line that shows the position (can’t recall what you call it) just flies by. I saw a youtube tutorial in which someone was doing the same thing and the cursor(?) did not do that. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.


  1. Click once anywhere inside the red recording meters and they will go into monitor mode letting you hear the music. If that doesn’t work, change an Audacity setting: Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough.

  2. Audacity doesn’t have scrubbing like some other sound programs so you can’t make the cursor move at an arbitrary rate. If you do this for a while, You get to recognize clicks and pops by the blue waves. That and you can try to drag-select and silence (Command-L), Zoom out a bit (Command-3) and play the work to see what you did. UNDO if you weren’t successful.


There are software packages designed to do a lot of scratch and pop work for you.


To amplify what Koz said, you need to Stop playback in order to zoom in on the waveform.
– Bill