how do I seperate tracks from the cassette I am recording fr

I am using Mac OS X 10.7.5 and Audacity 2.0.5
I am trying to record separate stories from a cassette to my computer and then burn them onto a CD. I am able to record the stories but I cannot figure out how to separate the stories so I can play one at a time and skip to stories as needed. Do I need to record one story at a time and then name it and save it? or is there a way to record the whole side of the cassette (3 stories about 25 minutes total) but have each story as a separate track? When I burn it to a CD I would like to be able to find the particular story I am looking for and just play that one.
Thank you for your help

Have a read through these tutorials:
In particular, this one: (but I’d recommend to have at least a skim through the others as that will give you an overview of the whole process)