How do I separate music from sound effects? 1:21

All I want is that fire breather’s sound effect. But Sound Ideas doesn’t have anything that matches what I hear there.

So do you know how I can separate the sound effects from music? I have the MP3 converted format of that clip, now I just need a decent program or tutorial that can separate sound effects from music - similar to that of Vocal Remover.

Un-mixing has traditionally been impossible but search for Spleeter, which uses AI. (I think it’s open source and there is more than one website.)

The vocal remover uses a “simple old trick” of subtracting left & right to remove everything in the “center” (everything that’s identical in left & right). There are some slight improvements to the technique, but they still rely on what’s similar or different in the left & right channels.

There are fire sounds available from Freesound … Freesound - sound search

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