How do I see the total time when tracks are not aligned end-to-end

Hello all,

I would like to see the total time for a project when tracks are not aligned end-to-end.

Is this possible?


(Using Audacity version 2.4.1 on Windows 10)

Select all the project, (“ctrl”+“A”), then a counter at the bottom of the screen will show the total length …

Change “selection type chooser” to show length.

As Trebor says

Or move the cisor to procet end and look at the nice big Time Toolbar


Hello Waxcylinder and Trebor,

Both of your methods just show the time for the longest track in my project.

Remember, the beginning of all my tracks are at point 0.

The way I prepare a two-hour program starts with choosing my music first and then putting it into Audacity. Without putting the tracks end-to-end, I would like to know the cumulative time of the music I added.

I know that I need approximately 1:45 hours of music, and I would like to know if I reached this total time. Right now the only way I can do this is to
align tracks end-to-end and then check the total length (cumulative time).

Then I have to undo, and bring all the tracks to point 0. :frowning:

I then record the introductions to the music on the tracks. It is much easier to do this if the tracks are all point 0.