How do i reply cracking sound?

Heya. I was messing about a Positivo’s old 2007 laptop, and i was so interrested about the fact that the sound speaker wierdly crack the audio output. So, i was curious about one thing: Can i reply the same effect in audacity?

But i don’t know how to do this, since i tried various modifications on it and it don’t sound so similar to cracking.

Just to you have an idea what i am talking about, i created a track of 3 samples:

  • The 1st one is a sample of the “Aww, seriusly??” of david from BFDI;
  • The 2nd one is the same sample, but now recorded from an recent laptop;
  • And the 3rd one is the same sample, but recorded from the 2007 laptop.

Here it is:

If you do know how to do this, please let down there.

Thanks folks for reading this. Sya!