How do I replicate this sound

The title means how can I recreate this sound in Audacity? I have a thing where I like to use something I make instead of using someones elses. Any ideas on how to replicate this sound? Plus I need to make the sound longer and not looping


(Yes the sound is static it isn’t corrupted)


Is that close enough (attached)?

I combined Pink Noise which normally sounds like rain in the trees with Amplify and Noise Gate. Only if the noise gets louder than a certain value does it go through. Then I picked the gate values.

From there you can use Equalizer to boost the bass, etc. I thought there was a Tone Control, but maybe not.


Like that.


Using random amplitude modulation , then a [noise] gate, can give longer bursts : 0.1 - 0.2 seconds, ( similar to speech pattern )…

If either of these examples is close enough, we can give you details how to get there.

I know radio systems which sound exactly like this if they free-wheel in the absence of communication or a connection. Is that the show? Describe the production.


The one by Trebor sounds most like what I wanted. And for production, It’s just a personal project I’m working on.

closer …

Sounds good now what do I do to replicate this sound like you are? I got both of the plugins but don’t know how to use them together.

The quick way is you tell me how much do you need & I can make it.
The slow way …
Generate white noise , boost the frequencies above 1kHz , (could use treble boost to do that ).
Then apply random random amplitude modulation to the treble boosted noise.
Then apply a noise-gate which will chop the noise up into random lengths with random intervals of silence.
Then mix the chopped noise with continuous white-noise which has had bass boosted
Then apply a hard-limiter to that mix, which makes it loud & distorted.

Thanks! (I like the slow way)

Try changing the last step from "hard limit “hard clip” , ( the latter causes more distortion ).