how do i remove the noise to get JUST the instruments?

need a step by step list on how to make this song more clear….tried to mess around with the HPF and noise remover….took song from tv show SKINS and removed the center vocals….i really need to find the name of this song on shazaam and it won’t recognize it because the sound is unclear. :question: :question: :question:


Nope. Sorry. It’s just too far gone. We can’t do “CSI” forensics and taking apart a sound into the instruments and people that made it is very nearly impossible.


i didn’t really understand your response besides the “Nope. sorry.” but okay thanks.

@“vaniteux”: If you want to know what the “song” is, might it not be better to upload the song to YouTube without the vocals removed, so people can hear it?

Have you asked the TV program what the song is?


i didn’t really understand your response besides the “Nope. sorry.”

It’s too damaged. There’s too much trash in with the music for us to do anything.

The “CSI” US TV show is famous for turning ratty surveillance TV pictures into crystal clear license plate numbers and completely destroyed sound clips into clear voices leading straight to the killer. That’s all pure Hollywood. Sometimes I think they do that just to get people to write in that you can’t do that.


That would be Smart Gale if the song had Lyrics……the vocals i removed, which i stated before are from a television show called SKINS…It won’t help to leave actor dialogue within the clip if i want the Instrumental song.

Thank you @ Koz i see now….i used shazaam to find one part of the song and learned that these are two different songs put together. Shazaam only found the last part but not the first. thanks for your advice!

@Gale the tv program doesn’t provide the song names for these two songs unfortunately, i’ve checked up an down.