How do I remove the first and last 30 sec of many files?

OS: Windows 10 Professional x64 “Creator’s Update”
Audacity 2.1.3

I searched the forum for this question, but got no relevant results. I know someone has to have done this before, maybe I’m just missing the correct terms?

I have a few hundred MP3 files that I need to remove the first and last 30 seconds of.

How do I set up Audacity to do this?


You could do that with a SoX script:

If the actual task is more specific (for example, how do I delete the first and last 30 seconds from 300 WAV files that are currently between 2 mins and 4 minutes duration), then there may be ways to do it in Audacity, but for a general solution, SoX is the way to go.