How do I recover Audacity projects when the recovery window has been reset?

Right, well I’m not sure how to put this so I’ll give you the straight shot.

I’m on Windows 10 and my Audacity version is 3.1.2.

Now, I’d used an Audacity 3 version before. I had a bunch of projects I was going to save later, but before I could do that Windows 10 decided to install some updates. I don’t know what they were, but they can’t have been any good since Audacity closed and when I opened it, there were no projects to recover. Also I didn’t experience anything really different about my computer after that. I’d used it some time after that, and when it did crash, the files I’d made since then showed up.

First of all how preposterous is it for me to make a bunch of stuff for a while and then it doesn’t show anything. Nonetheless, I looked around AppData and %LocalAppData%/Audacity/SessionData still contains over 7GB of content packed into folders with names called “project#####” which had some folders containing .au files, which I backed up onto a hard drive. Later I saw that the .aup3unsaved files only pertained to projects that were open or had crashed, but yeah. I think the recovery window didn’t show up because the .aup3unsaved projects were removed for some reason. I just made some noises in Audacity and then crashed it to test, and the .aup3unsaved files were still there. I just want to know if there’s a way to recover them.

Later on I checked %AppData%/audacity (Roaming) and saw there were some .autosave files in an AutoSave folder.

Is there a way to recover the projects and data I hadn’t saved and aren’t appearing in recovery windows? My computer’s getting full and I kinda just want to get it over with before I give my computer an extra 7GB of space.

Yes I always have to learn the hard way to save my projects. I unlearn that every time recovery features are shown and then relearn that whenever they show that they actually kinda don’t work :confused: :neutral_face:

Oh and I never clicked “Discard Projects” (or do in general). I assume that would wipe the contents of those folders and any other unsaved work, even if they don’t show up in the prompt.