So i have been watching youtube videos but my version of audacity seems to be different, when i go to edit, preferences, i do not get the “audio” or :“recording” options to change around. perhaps its the newer version?

Anyway i am doing podcasts and i need to be able to record conversations from skype, and we do reviews of lives shows from online that i need the sounds to be recorded to as well.

I am using windows. vista.

You can record Audio Playing On The Computer if your computer supports it. Not all do.

That’s different from Recording Skype.

We don’t have a handy tutorial for recording Skype conversations because you can’t. We have posters who made several simple clicks in setup panels and they’re recording their podcasts, bi-directional, with no trouble. Most users poke at their computers for weeks and it never works right. That’s pretty normal.

The official recommended way to record a Skype conversation is second party software like Pamela Professional or Business…

The two lower licenses are intentionally damaged.

You can also use Total Recorder and set that up to record both sides.

Skype is vicious about managing sound settings to suit itself and to heck with you. It uses the Record (your microphone) and Playback (your speakers) services all up. Unless you have software that makes new pathways (Pamela) the best you can do is funny echoes, feedback, distortion or missed voices.


Just to clarify, Audacity 2.0.4 and later can record computer playback on Windows Vista or later, even if the computer sound device doesn’t support it. In Device Toolbar , choose the “Windows WASAPI” host, then choose the appropriate “(loopback)” input.