How do I record without the loudspeakers

When I want to record sound from eg. a website, I can only do it via my loadspeaker and from them to the microphone and then to Audacity.
How do I record directly?

See here in the manual:

If you mean the “Windows Control Panel for sounds” then I have already followed the instructions there

Steve means read the article he linked to thoroughly.

Please tell us your version of Audacity and Windows (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

If you are on Windows Vista or later and if you have copyright holders’ permission to record the audio, you can use Windows WASAPI (these instructions are correct for the current 2.1.0 version of Audacity from

  1. In Audacity, open Device Toolbar .
  2. In the first (Host) box of Device Toolbar, choose “Windows WASAPI”.
  3. In the second (Recording Device) box in Device Toolbar, choose the (loopback) input for the device you are using for playback. For example, if you are using “Speakers” for listening to playback, choose “Speakers (loopback)” in this step.
  4. In the third (Recording Channels) box in Device Toolbar, choose mono or stereo.
  5. In the fourth (Playback Device) box in Device Toolbar, choose the Speakers or Headphones that you are using for listening.
  6. Start playing the audio you want to record.
  7. Press the big red Record button in Audacity.