How do I record voice messages from my cell phone?

Oh please, could someone help me learn how to simply record phone messages off my Verizon phone? I am new to Audacity and would like to record phone messages I’ve kept from people no longer with us.

Contact the Verizon store and see if they have a cable that allows you do connect your computer and the phone. Each phone maker does it a little different and you want to get the right cable. Koz

A telephone pick up coil may* be a solution, ( although obtaining a connector cable specifically for your phone will provide a better quality recording ).

[ * I’ve never tried using a pick-up coil on a mobile phone, only on a land-line phone, the radio signal from a mobile phone may cause interference ]

UPDATE: a quick google seems to suggest it a pickup coil won’t work with cordless or mobile phones.

If the recorded messages can be accessed via a corded land-line phone the pick-up coil is still an option.

Pickup coils work by interacting with the powerful magnet and internal coils of wire in a landline deskset earpiece. I doubt there would be enough energy there for it to work on a cellphone.