How do I Record Records using Audacity, But Faster?

I am from a University in the Mid-west and I am working on a project right now using audacity to convert old records into MP3 files. I have a lot of records to record, is there anyway to speed up the process? Perhaps record a record in half the time or so? I would really apprieciate you getting back to me as soon as possible.


If you have a turntable that will record at a faster speed (45 or 78 rpm) then you can record as normal and use the “Change Speed” effect on the recording to bring the recording back to normal pitch and speed. Warning: the sound quality will go down and wear of both the record and stylus will increase quite dramatically.

NOT to be recommended - apart from the damage to your stylus and records will will most likely ensue, as Steve says - you will also get the RIAA equalization applied incorrectly (this is correctable with a fair bit of fiddling with the Audacity Equalizer effect - but we’re not talking novice-level skills here).

So I would strongly recommend that you do it in real-time - apart from anything else is gives a chance to listen to and enjoy the music as it plays in. You can also make notes of times of events (a jump in the recording say) that may need editing attention later.


And then about the twentieth record, you discover that you didn’t really need all those old albums after all. this process only works really well when you can’t buy the album any other way. My sister and I have albums that are years out of print. Those work.