How do I record music directly from my keyboard?

I have a MIDI/USB cable that I plugged into my computer, and in the correct MIDI ports on my keyboard. But when I click record, it doesn’t record any sounds. It also wont recognize my keyboard when I try to select a microphone. I really don’t know anything about Audacity, I’m just trying to find a simple way to record music with a keyboard. Thanks

The MIDI/USB cable, unless you have a very special keyboard, carries key press commands like: “Push middle C now and hold it for three seconds.”

Whether or not the key press makes any sound is completely irrelevant.

To get the actual sound or music, I connect my keyboard headphone socket to the computer. That’s how I did all the test clips such as this one:

Some keyboards have stereo Line-Out RCA Connectors and you can connect those to the computer or other recorder. If you’re on a Windows laptop, chances are really good you have no Stereo Line-In and you have to add one with a USB adapter such as the UCA-202.

I put a “Y” cable in my headphone connection so I can use my large sound system and record at the same time.

Audacity has no explicit support for MIDI.


You should consult your keyboards instructions. They don’t all work like this, but all the lower-end ones do.