How do I record in MONO?

V 232 W10
audacity is new on this machine. I want to record from speaker feed.

When I set recording channels to MONO it yields ERROR 9996 invalid device. Set to STEREO, no error.

I found “force to export to mono” in the export dialog, but this whole thing seems rather clumsy. How do I record in MONO?

Audacity doesn’t apply filters, effects or corrections on record and it gets its sound from Windows. So it’s up to you to convince Windows to make a mono mix. Much of the time if you tell Audacity to record Mono and the show is in Stereo, it will just fail.

It’s not just jamming Left and Right together. You also have to reduce each signal by half so the mix doesn’t overload if the same thing appears on both left and right.


I’ve been using audacity for years on other machines. Been recording the same kind of stuff in mono for years with no problem - ever!

New machine and new version of Audacity started this problem. I don’t even get to the point of recording an audio stream when set to mono - just get error code.

Thanks Koz. No offense, but I need a different answer.

What’s your recording device, and what are your settings in the Device Toolbar?

Do you mean that you’re using “WASAPI loopback”?