How do I record audio for internal and mic without listening to my own mic?

I have wasted most of the day trying to figure out how to record my mic input without having (Listen to this device checkbox checked). I just can’t stand hearing live mic playback.
Is there a way to use Audacity without actually listening to the mic live?

I think maybe you danced around this problem a little.

audio for internal and mic

You want to record on-line sound and your microphone? That’s the problem. To record on-line sound, your machine has to record bi-directional audio—both playback and record at the same time. That means your microphone is going to go bi-directional, too. Record and Playback.

You’re trying to record an on-line podcast, right? Use Zoom and get Zoom to record it and give you finished sound files at the end.

Did I hit it?


I am trying to record Discord calls over gaming interactions without having to hear my own playback live. If they could somehow make Audacity do what I’m requesting I just might feel more inclined to touch that donate button.

There is a Google hit called “Is Discord Better than Zoom?”

Discord seems to be missing the Zoom service of recording the on-line voices.

Getting Discord to record the meeting or server is the official recommendation. If the Discord doesn’t offer that, then there will probably always be some part of sound production that doesn’t work right.

There is a Desperation Method. Connect a second computer to the Discord session whose sole purpose it is to record the conversations. It has no camera or microphone, but does have a recorder.

The main computer goes back to a normal Discord session, which we assume works like you want.