How do I record a track and listen to another track

How do I record a track and listen to another track with out them mixing?

I have tried “over dubbing” so I could listen to other tracks as I record but I also mixes my previous tracks that i’m listening to when recording.

I there a way to do this?

Thank you so much, help is much appreciated.

If the last thing you did was record “Internet Audio,” then that’s the setting you have to reset. That setting is also known as "Recording Sound Playing on Your Computer. That gives you uncontrolled layering of your recordings.

Go into Windows Control Panels and make sure you’re recording from a real hardware device like Line-In, Mic-In or a USB Mcirophone, and not Stereo-Mix, Mix-Out, or What-U-Hear which are “fake” devices and only exist in software.


Are you listening on speakers with Playthrough running? That can do it, too. Try using headphones or earbuds.


I kind of assume you’re on a Windows machine. You can run into a number of interesting problems. I write a thing about that. Skip down the headers until you get to one you like.

… and a thing on overdubbing. It describes your built-in microphone, but any working microphone is OK.


I just did, and it still registers to the recoding :frowning:. I’m trying to record one instrument at a time so I can edit the mistakes out of each one.