How do I put gaps in between mixes to skip tracks on CD?

It’s took me a year to be able to connect my decks up to my PC! (was much easier recording it to a tape!!)

anyhow, I use Audacity to record the mix.
Then I import the mix into Ejay (Mix CD Producer)
and from there I can burn it to a CD

How can I tweak the mix so that when I burn it to a CD you can skip tracks?

(on the CD producer there is a part where you can add segment - will this do it?

See this tutorial from the forum:

this one may be useful too:

They are part of this set:


How can I tweak the mix so that when I burn it to a CD you can skip tracks?

This really has nothing to do with your mix, as long as your mix is gapless of course. It’s the CD burning software that creates the track markers.

If you use burning software that supports [u]Cue Sheets[/u], you use one-big WAV file and burn a “gapless” CD with track markers. I’ve done this a few times with mixed/crossfaded CDs and several times with “live” concert recordings copied from VHS or DVD.

For burning, I use [u]ImgBurn[/u] (FREE!!!). I usually copy & edit an old cue sheet or exampe cue sheet(with Windows Notepad) rather than creating the cue sheet from scratch.

BTW - Since I’m making “traditional DJ crossfades”, and I don’t use vinyl or “scratch”, I crossfade digitally with an audio editor, rather than recording an actual DJ “performance”.

I avoid long crossfades when I create dance mixes because there’s no good place to put the CD track point. You’re either going to wreck the intro of the new cut or the outro of the old one – or both. Not if you play them continuously of course, but when you skip around.

What’s the convention for this if there is one? I match beats and put a cut between songs so my skip forwards are always clean.