How do I put .aup file back so audacity can read it

Mac OSx 10.8.4
Installer Audacity 2.0.3


I am a newbie here. I would really appreciate your help. I created and edited a sound file .aup and saved it onto my desktop unaware that this created a problem with the audacity file structure. How can I get my sound file readable in Audacity and be able to continue editing it? I put the folder with my .aup sound file back with the audacity application and other folders however when I tried to open the sound file it created an error…couldnt find the data project folder “Phasor 1a_data”
I name the file Phasor 1a… the _data has been added by the program during the original saving process. Any solutions? I really dont want to lose this file.


It’s a bad idea to keep your Audacity projects in /Applications/Audacity . Think what might happen if you update to a new Audacity version and trash the Audacity folder.

Just move “Phasor 1a.aup” into the folder where “Phasor 1a_data” is.

Ideally, create a folder in Documents for Audacity Projects then store all the AUP files and _data folders there.

See .


Hi gale
Thx. But now I’m in bigger trouble :frowning: in trying to move .aup into phasor1a_data and put in audacity projects folder I saw severAl phasor1a_data folders so I deleted all but one but when I opened one left my .aup file gone! I’ve searched spotlight, trash etc and can’t find anywhere! I DId NOT delete trash so shld b there! Pls help I’m quadriplegic composer with use of one hand. It takes me LONG TIME TO CREATE PHYSICALLY. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP IN FINDING FILE & fixing so it playable /editable. THX V MUCH


Rule number 1. Do not move, rename or delete the AUP file or its _data folder.

The first time you wrote you said that you had “Phasor 1a.aup” (space between “Phasor” and “1a”). If that is true then you want to move “Phasor 1a.aup” into the same folder where “Phasor 1a_data” exists.. Then open “Phasor 1a.aup”.

You do not want to move “Phasor 1a.aup” inside “Phasor 1a_data” because then Audacity cannot find the AUP.

You should not have multiple copies of the _data folder for any project unless you did that yourself as a backup. Unfortunately we cannot see your computer to see what you have copied or deleted. Just type “aup” without quotes into the search box to find AUP files that you have not deleted. It may be an idea to search for “phasor” (without quotes) too to see what you have.


Hi Gale,

Unfortunately, I put phasor 1a.aup inside the folder phasor 1a_data. I also found several of these folders so I deleted all but one and was going to remove the .aup file as you said, but now I can’t find it. I’ve looked in my trash which I never emptied so the files should be there, right? I’ve also done a spot light search as you have suggested with phasor and aup without quotes but nothing. How can I have lost the file if I did not empty the trash and I still kept one file phasor 1a.aup inside the phasor 1a_data folder ? Do you have any other suggestions? I really hope I haven’t lost the file for good. Thanks for your help Gale.


Then you could move it out. Right-click or control-click over “phasor 1a.aup” and choose the option to copy it. Then double-click one item to the left in the trail of locations at the bottom of the Finder window, or otherwise arrange Finder so you can see “phasor 1a_data” but not see inside it. Then use the Finder menu at the top of your Mac to paste “phasor 1a.aup”.

We cannot see your computer or tell you how to use it. If you think you have lost a file that you shouldn’t have lost, try this link .