How do I place audio cassette tape recording .au files in proper order?

Using audacity I converted several audio cassette recordings that I made decades ago to .au files. When audacity converted the files it took my 30 minute recordings and broke them all into segments each about six seconds long. In the file folders on my hard drive these short segments are all out of order. I cannot determine the order they need to be in to be coherent because there seems to be no order to the name audacity assigned to each segment. How do I put these segments in order so that I can edit the sound file and make good digital output?

Versions of Audacity before version 3 saved projects as a “Project file” and a “data folder”.

For example, if you saved a project as “MyProject”, there would be a file called “MyProject.aup” and a data folder called “MyProject_data”. The audio data would be stored as a lot of small “.au” files inside the “MyProject_data” folder. The file “MyProject.aup” contains instructions that tell Audacity how to put the “.au” files back together.

You tell Audacity to open the “MyProject.aup” file.
“File menu > Open” the select the .aup file.

(In Audacity 3.0 and later, the project format was changed to a single, self contained “.aup3” file.)

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