How do I paste a cut into a new file?

Audacity 2.0.5
Windows 7, Version 6.1, build 7601, service pack 1
I want to create a new file from an old recording. I have cut the needed material, but can’t figure out how to paste it into a new file.
Thank you

Import the new file. It will appear as a second track underneath the existing one. Audacity will try to play both unless you use the MUTE or SOLO buttons on the left.
Select the second (new) track, click and paste.


If there is no new file, then Tracks > Add New. That will give you a fresh timeline and you can paste into that.

Audacity works in its own “project format”.
Have you managed to import/open your recording in Audacity?
If you have, then all that you need to do to create a new file is to select the part that you want in the new file, then “File menu > Export Selection” to create a new file.