How do i overdub my vocals?

To make your voice sound cool like most rappers do using overdub. I know you can create another audio track but i can’t stay 100% with the speed of my vocals on the other track so it sounds off. i tried looking in “Effects” but it didn’t mention overdub anywhere that i could find.

Please help

Yes, but.

In Audacity 1.3, there are provisions to tune out the latency delay – the time difference between the playback of your old voice and the recording of your new one. What most computers don’t have is a good ability to play the mix of your new and old voices to your headphones. That usually takes an external mixer and you’re well on your way to creating a Digital Audio Workstation out of parts.

I’ve never seen a tutorial on this, but someone will jump in if there is one.

Headphones are pretty much required, by the way. There’s nothing like ruining a mix because your old voice is recorded twice.

This is assuming you already recorded the first track straight…

Audacity Preferences > [x] Play old tracks while recording new ones.
Audacity Preferences > [x] Hardware Playthrough.

Those are in slightly different places depending on which Audacity you have. If you don’t have Hardware Playthrough, or it doesn’t work, then you get to be good at recording without hearing yourself. Software Playthrough, the other alternative has a significant delay.


Two other problems: If you have Skype, you have to make sure you return all your Windows Preferences back to normal from wherever Skype left them (they will scramble again next time you use Skype), and if you enjoy recording from the Internet, you need to turn off recording from Mix-Out before you do any of this.