How do I organize tracks that out of order

I made the mistake of not organizing my music tracks and vocals. I have guitar tracks, drum track, bass track, flute track, lead vocal track with a few added corrections in specific areas at various points, and high and low harmony tracks that I sang and recorded. Now I find myself having to search for tracks when editing volume, compression, reverb etc.
I find the tracks are not in order but may be far apart from one another in track numbers. (ie) harmony tracks are 10 tracks away from the lead vocals as an example.
This is the first time I’ve tried to record an original music and vocal playing most of the instruments s myself as well as the lead vocals and harmonies myself.
How do I bring everything in line without deleting a track by mistake? Do I use the zoom control to make the tracks smaller to start with?

you can drag the tracks to reorder them by grabbing them in the track header where there’s no controls (eg where the sample rate and type numbers are).

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