How do I open an Audacity file that own't open after I renam

How do I open an Audacity file that own’t open after I renamed it? I saved it to my desktop. Then I closed it and reopened Audacity to make a nother sound file. I saved and closed that when finished. Then, I decided on a more memorable name for the first file and renamed it on my desktop. (I renamed both the file and the accompanying folder the same name.) However, when I opened it later to export it, etc., it wouldn’t open. “Can’t find the file,” etc.?? Can you please help me? I really need that file…

Thanks. I’m on Windows Vista.

Rename both the file and the folder to what they originally were.
If you’re not sure what the correct name is, please attach the .AUP file (not the _data folder) to your reply (use the Upload attachment feature that is below the compose message box).

And don’t delete, move, or clean up anything until we figure this out. Koz

And for future reference, if you want to “rename” an Audacity project the correct way is to re-open the existing one then do “File…Save Project As…” to your new name. Then close Audacity and re-launch it on this new project (to check that you got it right!). Then, and only then, delete the original project file and project data folder. If you are really paranoid about not losing anything, wait until your backups have run before doing the delete (You do take backups, don’t you?)

Here it is, Steve. Thanks!

Thanks, Kozikowsky and PGA. I posted the file to steve for his assistance. Couldn’t find the answer in the faq so thanks you guys.

The .AUP file should be called:
(as it is now)

The _data folder should be called:

The 1a.aup file and the 1a_data folder must both be in the same directory.

Just to clarify my understanding as an interested observer: do they need to be in the directory under which they were originally written or simply under any directory just so long as they are together?

They have to be together in the same directory as each other but it does not need to be where they were originally written.

Dependencies need to be in the directory under which they were originally (this does not apply to the project posted by robbio as it has no dependencies).

Thanks for the clarification


Please delete the file though. Copyrighted material, working on it, etc. Thanks! :wink:

Done, but not really necessary. The AUP file does not contain any audio data so there is no way that anyone could reproduce the audio content unless they also have access to the audio data (which in the case of this project is entirely in the “1a_data” folder.
Please do have a read through this article which explains this better than I can: