How do I notify change from Catalina to Big Sur

I’m new here. Thank you for the option of joining this great forum! On registering, there was no option to select my platform as Big Sur. When I registered, the newest Mac platform option was Catalina, so I registered with that. I discovered where my profile was, expecting I’d be able to change manually from Catalina to Big Sur there … but the Mac platform is not recorded there. How can I now I notify my correct platform ?

For now, setting as “Catalina” is the best option.
We are currently reviewing the situation and will be updating in the new year.

Thank you for answering my query, and so promptly, too. I guess I could have anticipated that. Apologies for any inconvenience. I’m grateful to be using Audacity 2.4.1
Best regards

I’d recommend updating to Audacity 2.4.2 as it has some bug fixes:

Wow, thanks Steve, you guys are on the ball! I only did the download (thought it was the latest for Mac) a few days ago! So, I will update as soon as I check it out.( i.e. whether I need to delete 2.4.1 first.)

Yay! Updated to 2.4.2 … not sure how I got 2.4.1 a few days (?) ago as I notice 2.4.2 came out in June. Must have clicked the wrong link somewhere, I guess. All ok now. Thank you for making Audacity usable on Mac, … wonderful to see it’s familiar face again.