How Do I Manipulate The Speed of My Audio Recording?


My name is Mark and I am using Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. I am also using Audacity 2.0 for the very first time.

Using this program, I am attempting to convert cassette tapes to cd format. Since many of the tapes have been recorded on various recorders throughout the years, some sound faster when played while others play slower in the tape recorder that I am using to facilitate the transfers. Can anyone tell me how I can use the audacity software to altar the speed of a particular transfer For examples if voices are too slow, how to I speed them up and vice versa??? Thank you for your help.

I look forward to your response!


The last bunch of postings have been requests for things we just can’t do, but I think we can handle this one.

Select the work, or don’t select anything and the work will select itself.

Effect > Change Speed.

There’s no automatic way to sense how off things are, so you have to do that manually. I don’t remember if that tools has a “sample” feature, but if it doesn’t, you can select a representative short chunk and keep correcting and undo-ing it until you get what you want, and then apply it to the whole show.


I think you mean “Preview”?
Yes, it has a Preview button.

Thank you for the speedy responses! I will give both things a try!