How do I make splits in a track into a whole

I’ve duplicated a short section several times on one stereo track and black vertical bars appear at the joins. When I want to drag this track content to left or right I have to drag each section one by one.

How do I make the duplicates into a whole in order to drag as a whole?

You mean Effect > Repeat? And you repeated a section that had white space, so there is now white space between each audio clip?

Click above Mute/Solo in the Track Control Panel to select all that track.

If you want to “convert” white spaces to silence, Edit > Clip Boundaries > Join.

If you want to retain the white spaces, hover over a clip, then drag.


I guess in hindsight I might have been more specific in my description but I didn’t know then that using ‘repeat’ would provide a different outcome.

I didn’t use ‘effect/repeat’, I copied and pasted varying amounts of the original because I didn’t want totally exact duplicates. There are no (white) gaps between the copied sections, but doing it this way ends with each section not combining into one entire section that can be dragged, just segments that separate unless each dragged up against each other in turn.

I noticed after reading your response that when I tried effect/repeat it does end up as one section that can be dragged. I suppose I could do it that way and then cut pieces out to achieve what I want unless you know how to merge the bits i already have into one section?

P.S Have the devs considered a clickable timeline on the bottom of the tracks window as well as the top? I’d find that very useful.

Edit > Duplicate puts a copy of the selection in a new track underneath, so as you obviously weren’t doing that, I guessed you were using Repeat.

That is because I presume you were pasting at the end of the track, which creates a separate clip. Pasting in the middle of a track or clip does not create a separate clip.

The reason Repeat could be dragged is that the section you repeated would be included in the selection. This would mean the selection would encompass all the separate clips in the track and so allow you to drag the entire track (if you dragged from within the selection).

Edit > Clip Boundaries > Join which will merge the clips and remove the black split lines. Or you could extend the selection so it encompasses all the clips (as above).

I can add your vote for that - but vertical space is at quite a premium. Why would you find that useful?


I’d like to vote -1 for that.

I agree with Gale that vertical space is at a premium


Thanks very much for the clip boundaries tip Gale.

No need for a -1 vote waxcylinder. The clickable timeline location could be switcheable, for instance many web browsers have an option for placing tabs top or bottom. I prefer working from the bottom of the screen.

In fact Feature Requests already had two votes for

Identical timeline at bottom of screen: on by default, but closable by and open/closed state remembered.

But since you now asked for a movable Timeline, I added your vote to:

Draggable Timeline that could dock between or at bottom of tracks

So the Timeline would become like a toolbar.


Thank you for adding my vote Gale,

Any way of implementing is fine by me, I would find it very helpful

Sorry for delayed reply I missed your response at the time.