How do i make it sound like it does on the software?

Hi guys, im new to this recording stuff. When I record it sounds great on the software and then when I export no matter what I try (higher quality, noise reduction etc) I get background noise that sounds like wind or something which is obviously what the mic is picking up, but as I stated when I play it in the software it’s nowhere to be heard…

how do I make it sound identical to as it does in the software?

Are you exporting the show in MP3? Is the MP3 quality either 32 or 64?

If not, you should describe what you’re recording. Take it down to part numbers. “I have a Doobly-Doo microphone plugged into a Yadda-Yadda interface…”

Are you doing a simple voice or instrument recording? Games, conferences, chats, etc. are rough to record and take special software.


I’m recording an instrument with a floureon bm-100 microphone on windows 10.

ive searched on google for hours, how can it be so hard to save it as it sounds on the software? im almost tempted to re-record the playback from the software and save that as it’d still be better quality than what I end up with when I export…

how can it be so hard to save it as it sounds on the software?

Audacity will do whatever you tell it including create a damaged track. We just need to find out what you’re telling it to do.

You finish a performance, press Stop and File > Export…

Fill in the rest. Remember we can’t see what you’re doing. Details are good.


Is there a button somewhere to make it keep the original quality that I hear when I play it in the software? i’ve saved it about 10 different ways and it always sounds bad. I think i’m just gonna try some different software. it’s frustrating that it sounds fine when I play it on audacity and then when I save it, it sounds completely different…

You are not giving us enough information to enable us to help you.

“File menu > Save” produces an Audacity project that can be opened only in Audacity.
“File menu > Export Audio” produces an audio file that can be played in other applications.

  1. What format are you exporting as?
  2. How (exactly and precisely) are you playing the exported file?

Using windows media player, like i said, i’ve tried noise reduction. tried saving in .wav and multiple .mp3 qualities, installed the LAME software, reduced overall DB’s to try and reduce it.

i didn’t think it’d be so complicated to just export it and it sound exactly as it does in the software… can you not create a button that just does this automatically.

It isn’t complicated. If you export from Audacity as 16-bit WAV, then the exported file is virtually identical to the audio in Audacity.
If you apply Noise Reduction, or any other effect, then you change the audio data and it will probably sound different. Even then, you will hear the effect when you play the track in Audacity, and the exported audio file will be the same as the audio track in Audacity.

If you play the exported WAV file with Audacity rather than Windows Media Player, does it sound like you think it should? If it does, then the problem is probably that Windows Media Player is applying some effects on playback.

Hi Everyone,

I have been experiencing the same issue, but found that if I play my mixed wav files back on VLC player, they sound perfect.

It’s clearly something to do with Windows Media Player. If I find what it is, I will post here.



Perhaps this will help:
Also check all of the other “enhancements”.

Perfect, thanks Steve :slight_smile: